BAFI IDO Launchpad: It’s Coming

After a successful pre-sale that ended in minutes, the party has truly begun. BAFI Finance ecosystem is now in motion awaiting our 1st IDO, and it’s going to be massive. We have a few surprises up our sleeve, so get your BAFI ready.

Staking and Yield Farming

Staking and yield farming are currently ongoing, so if you’re not putting your BAFI to work, act fast. Yes, there’s only the BAFI farm for now, but there will be collaborations with other entities in this space, resulting in more farms and a diverse harvest.

If you don’t own BAFI right now, prices are still low, so jump on board to avoid feeling left out when the action starts.


You can buy BAFI on:


Pancakeswap 🡪


The BAFI Launchpad: Picking the Project

The BAFI Launchpad was created to bring genuine and lucrative projects to the blockchain. To make this a reality, we are being quite meticulous with our due diligence.

Potential IDO candidates will have to pass multiple levels of scrutiny. From website details to locked liquidity, we are not leaving anything to chance. Our credibility is at stake. We believe in first impressions, so we’re not taking this lightly.

Projects interested in getting listed have to meet the stipulations, and only those with a viable use case will have the luxury of their IDO being hosted on BAFI Launchpad.

The BAFI Launchpad: What To Expect?

Still holding your BAFI? Keep the faith. We have some good news coming! This is going to be big, that we can assure you.

Participation in BAFI Launchpad remains unchanged. You need to hold 100 BAFI before you can buy the tokens. This should disqualify a lot of superficial investors, giving room to only those serious about helping new projects survive this competitive space.

So buy BAFI and hold. The all-time high recorded earlier — $36.72/BAFI — is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many things to come that should see BAFI pricing eclipse previous highs.

Many Partnerships in the bag

BAFI Finance might be considered a newbie in these parts, but we’re continuously gaining momentum. A lot of partnerships are in the works, and this should see the BAFI community expand significantly.

BAFI is currently in talks with some big names in this space. Once confirmed, these collaborations will change the game monumentally.

Marketing Efforts

Developments not shilled does little for the progress of the project. So while we are building BAFI Finance to the big player status we desire, marketing campaigns are making the rounds.

We’re in contact with top influencers in the crypto space to let people know what we are doing and our destination.


BAFI Finance will go places, but it’s a gradual process. It’s definitely not a pump and dump, so if you only care about making a shitload of BUSDs in the short-term, perhaps BAFI Finance is not for you.

We have a lot planned that should this project compete favorably. BAFI Launchpad, one of the highlights of this project will be huge. Are you ready?

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BAFI is a decentrealized deFi Staking,Farming and Gaming platform.

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