🚀🔥Most Exciting Update on Buying $BAFI 🚀🔥

$BAFI Limited Public Sale on 26th March 2021

Countdown :

First Come First Serve as we have limited quantities before listing on Exchange!!!!

Contract Address: ?


1. Open your wallet and locate your Smart Chain BNB

2. Send your desired Smart Chain BNB amount to above mentioned contract address to receive your GOLD, Oh we mean $BAFI

3. BOOM!!!! Shortly you will have your $BAFI in your wallet.

4. Congratulations!!! Now, you’re PROUD owner of $BAFI.

5. Important: If you HOLD 100 $BAFI you have the right to vote on upcoming projects.

6. Go ahead and get your voting right by securing minimum of 100 $BAFI.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Minimum Buying Limit: 0.5 BNB

2. Maximum Buying Limit: 10 BNB

3. 1 BNB will give you 45 $BAFI

4. Recommended wallets are Meta Mask and Trust Wallet but you’re free to use any wallet as long as it supports BEP20 tokens.

5. Don’t send your funds from any exchange address, we won’t be able to credit your $BAFI.

If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch with project team.

Happy HODLINGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! Till Mars

Telegram :

Twitter :

BAFI is a decentrealized deFi Staking,Farming and Gaming platform.

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