BAFI Finance: DEX, IDO Launchpad, and Much More.

Blockchain has seen a surge in the inflow of projects, but this move is more financial than technological. Most of these projects lack the financial wherewithal to actualize their plans, so they raise the needed funds by selling some of their native token to the public.

Previously termed ICO, these token sales have taken on new names: Initial Development Offering (IDO) and Initial Farm Offering (IFO).

Well-organized IDOs or IFOs can make all the difference for projects and investors. But the crypto space is a slippery slope where greedy and unscrupulous fellows, masking as project owners, are on the loose.

In Comes BaFi Finance…

To bring some sanity back to IDOs in the crypto space, BaFi Finance was created. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) project is looking to create an enabling environment for genuine projects with impeccable use cases to germinate.

BaFi Finance Origin Story

With ETH’s layer 2 stalling, gas fees have left many people opting for worthy alternatives and the BSC network stood out for most. As the network gained traction, more projects began to spring up.

Rugpulls and exploits have become a norm as well. These negative events have left many genuine projects struggling to raise the necessary funds to start operations since most investors are afraid of being scammed. A handful of projects like BaFi Finance successfully met their presale targets with zero issues.

BaFi Finance Launchpad

Having felt first-hand what genuine projects face within the BSC network, BaFi Finance is set to restore sanity while offering viable startups a fresh start at survival.

The BSC-based platform has strategized plans to have a launchpad where IDOs are carried out. With most DEXs venturing into hosting IDOs, many might doubt the success of BaFi Finance’s launchpad. Yet, the BSC-based project intends to revolutionize how IDOs are conducted.

The BaFi Finance IDO Hosting Framework

To bring its plans to reality, BaFi Finance will do some due diligence on potential projects before proceeding to host IDOs for such. The stringent conditions attached will separate the chaff from the gem.

Here are some of the rules guiding BaFi Finance IDO hosting:

● Zero tolerance for projects that mint endlessly

● The website expiry of interested projects should be a minimum of 2 years.

● Auditing of smart contracts has to be done by reputable names in the industry.

● Zero tolerance for token transfer.

● Token allocated to the team should be locked for at least 3 months.

● A whopping 40% of raised funds will be added as locked liquidity on DEX platforms.

While these rules might feel like overkill, it’s a clear sign of BaFi Finance’s intention to protect investors from projects that are only out to steal from them.

BaFi Finance Is More Than Just An IDO Launchpad

While hosting IDOs can be quite tasking, BaFi Finance isn’t limiting its offering to just this service. There’s a lot of other services that the DEX is bringing to the table, including:

Swap service BAFISWAP : https://swap.bafi.finance/

Visitors to the BaFi Finance DEX can swap tokens using the platform’s automated market maker.


BAFI holders can stake their tokens and earn more BAFI using the many staking pools on the platform.

Yield farming

Liquidity providers can farm BAFI tokens or those of our partners’ platforms at attractive APRs.


BaFi Finance is bringing gaming to the BSC network. BAFI holders will have the chance to participate in these games especially as their prizes at stake.


Users of the BaFi Finance platform can enjoy the virtual imagery of NFTs within the BSC network.

● Cross-chain platform

BaFi Finance can be used to bridge cross-chain tokens without exiting BSC.

Final Thoughts

BaFi Finance is the next big launchpad on the space for investors and viable projects in the BSC network. It’s launchpad is certain to shift out the wolfs while prioritizing its investor interests.

Website; https://bafi.finance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bafifinancee
Telegram Group: https://t.me/Bafifinance
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/Bafifinancenews

Medium: https://medium.com/@bafifinance

Official Email; info@bafi.finance

BAFI is a decentrealized deFi Staking,Farming and Gaming platform.

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